The Judge Daniel D’Alessandro Case FM-09-1928-14A

An unbelievably bad, and probably biased, Judge

"A litigant talks about his experience with Family Judge Daniel D'Alessandro of Hudson County NJ"

The below is a genuine case study submitted to me by a litigant who wishes to remain anonymous. In Nazi Jesmany, going public about corrupt, incompetent Judges like Daniel D'Alessandro could lead the police at your door step.

----------Review of Judge Daniel D'Alessandro----------

"I am the father in a case with extensive pre trial and trial proceedings in front of Judge D'Alessandro. In the first appearance the Judge said he couldn't decide the issues without expert witnesses. Then after 3 Court appointed experts submitted reports and testimony Judge D'Alessandro, at the end of the trial phase, said in his Statement of Reasons that he didn't believe the experts, and that he didn't even need experts to make his decision. So he totally disregarded the experts recommendations and Judge D'Alessandro did not address his own incoherence in stating that he needed experts, and then saying, after the experts had been paid and gave testimony, that he didn't need them. Keep in mind these were experts that were appointed by Judge D'Alessandro, not independent "hired guns." And the only experts in the case were those appointed by Judge D'Alessandro."

All three of the experts appointed by Judge D'Alessandro said in their reports that my ex wife had coached the child to reject me. And during trial two of the experts testified extensively about the coaching of my ex wife's that they observed. I provide a couple of snippets of testimony. For reference when reading the below I am the Plaintiff.

The Court appointed Guardian ad Litem's testimony about coaching:
Plaintiff's Counsel: Those statements that [child] made to you led you to believe that [defendant] is possibly tainting, influencing, unduly, or suggestively, the child's feelings, or perceptions, of not only the situation between her parents, but her feelings for [Plaintiff]?
Guardian ad Litem: Yes.
Plaintiff's Counsel: And his feelings for [child]?
Guardian ad Litem: Yes.

The Court appointed Psychologist's testimony about coaching:
Defendant's Counsel: You met with a child who, in your opinion, appeared to be coached, correct?
Psychologist: Correct.
In addition to the above my ex wife testified that she prayed with my child for the Judge to rule against me each day that she came to court. And my ex wife also testified at 3 different times that she forced my child to call me in an attempt to get me to return to the marital home so that I would drop the divorce. But despite all of the above testimony the Judge wrote in his Statement of Reasons: After considering all of the testimony, the Court cannot conclude that [Child] was coached.

During the trial Judge D'Alessandro typed out notes during the testimony. He then used these notes, instead of going to the record or a transcription, in his Statement of Reasons. But the notes he typed often don't match the recorded testimony. And he got many crucial dates and timelines wrong. As just one most egregious and obvious example the Judge wrote in his Statement of Reasons: "[Plaintiff] took [Child] to soccer practice at least until May 2012." But then, in his very next paragraph, the Judge writes: "The Plaintiff last saw [Child] in January 2012." What is most troublesome; the Judge totally ignores the testimony that both my ex wife and I gave that I had last seen the child in December 2012, and I had been an active part of the child's life as recent as March of 2013!

I could give literally dozens of pages of similar examples of Judge D'Alessandro's obvious lack of interest in getting facts and testimony that were placed on the record accurate. Just one more somewhat humorous example: in his Statement of Reasons the Judge listed my age and date of birth in three different places. But not one of the dates was correct! And in every instance he had me as years younger than I actually am. I searched the record, and I could not find one place that my age had been submitted to the court as anything other than what it is. So there's every reason to believe the errors all belong to Judge D'Alessandro.

I have countless other examples of errors of fact and errors of law that Judge D'Alessandro committed in my case. I've had a number of lawyers review my case, each of them has said that it's not possible to understand what Judge D'Alessandro was thinking when he decided my case. So I am left with the strong impression Judge D'Alessandro is at best an incompetent Judge. But I fear that more likely the reality is he's a biased person that that appears to care little for facts and/or law, and that somehow got appointed to the bench. And from my view not only does he have a bias against men who can, and have, proven themselves to be good fathers in my case he also had an apparent bias against my minority attorney.

If you have your own negative experience with Judge D'Alessandro I encourage you to leave your own review.