The Judge Daniel D’Alessandro Case FM-09-1928-14A

Judge Daniel D'Alessandro, a Judge without a Conscience

"A litigant talks about his experience with Family Judge Daniel D'Alessandro of Hudson County NJ"

I received the below divorce case study where Judge Daniel D'Alessandro was presiding when he was still positioned in the Family Part of Hudson County Superior Court.

----------Review of Judge Daniel D'Alessandro----------

"Divorce is a very emotional toll on any person. On everyone but especially the husband/father. Why? Because as a man it is in our nature to take care of our family and when our rights are completely taken away from us for caring for "our" children it is very defeating.

I was lied to and was very gullible before any divorce happened to me. Before this divorce matter I thought that as an American that we have the best judicial system and everyone has equal rights.

Boy was I wrong.

My ex wife after one year of marriage and just one month after my child Jerry was born got up and left. Her reason being because of me refusing to get rid of my 12 year old Golden Retriever and for me not being a good father because I was working all day and didn't change my infants diaper often enough. Meanwhile , she stayed home all day while I worked 10 hour days, cooked, did grocery shopping, and did laundry.That being said I thought that the justice system would make things fair for all.

During my divorce I made a big mistake because I have gotten bad advice from a really bad attorney , Irwin Tubman who had me agree to paying child support on an amount that I did not make.My tax return showed it in the previous years as a self employed person less than 20 k but told me that the courts don't believe that amount and triple that so it lead to me to paying child suport based on 50K. My child support payment became $217 per week while I was driving a 1998 Buick and paying rent of $1,300 a month barely getting by.

The thing the resonates most to me about Judge D'Alessandro is that Irwin Tubman and my second lying attorney Anthony Carbone is that both of them practically had a script when describing Judge D'Alessandro . They spoke about him like as if he was a good caring man. That instead of retiring he chose to becoming a judge to help out in family court because he cared for children and there better being. What a bunch of liars!!!

I searched out Anthony Carbone since I had such a bad experience with my previous lawyer. I heard good reviews from a website named Avvo but found out that it is a fake website because it is paid by attorneys and if you make a negative review they will respond by saying that it doesn't fit their guidelines making it a filtered , biased attorney site so I would warn everyone to stay away.

Yes, I was angry at Anthony Carbone because I seeked him out because I wanted a tough lawyer to fight my case and specifically requested him and not his associate Sam Stoia. Even though I specified this and he acted like this will be an easy win , he convinced me that he would win this case so I gave him his retainer. After that I only dealt with Sam and not Anthony Carbone. Though Sam did put in a lot of points concerning my son and my requests it seemed Judge D'Alessandro was only concerned if I text my wife and called her a bitch after many weeks of not seeing my son and also no communication about him. In fact when my son almost had his eye scratched out by a cat, my ex didn't tell me. I took a picture and later presented it in court. The judge dismissed it and said it wasn't important for to tell me about that. But he was questioning why I was late at times. When I only had 2.5 hours on a Wednesday! I really wonder if he would act this way if his grandson was in the same place as my son, would he talk and think the same?"

Audio 1 Commentary by John: The Judge blames the father for not providing expert testimony of why it is not to the benefit of the child to live close to both of his parents. Is this Judge for real!!? EXPERT TESTIMONY!!??

He needs expert testimony to know that if there is an emergency in the middle of the night or during rush hour the dad will not be readily available to help the kid? You need expert testimony you moron to understand that when the dad is next door it is easier for the kid to communicate and have a relationship with him? That the dad can pick him up and take him to activities if they live in the same city?

"Why is Judge Daniel D'Alessandro a terrible, hateful judge? Because he feeds this pathetic system that rips apart families. I have wasted my hard earned money because I was fooled to believe that I have a chance to fight for my child. The attorneys and this Judge in particular are fakes . The judge pretends like he cares for the child but sides completely with the mother with bias. Like many father out here, I care for the well being of my child. I spent more than $12K on attorneys so that my child wouldn't have to move away from me to Brooklyn,NY.

The things that I fought for: - Keep my child from moving to Brooklyn,NY - Lower my child support - More visitation time - More communication regarding my child about school, health, important decisions.

My ex has been working in Brooklyn as a physical therapist for many years. When she moved to an apartment in Bayonne she was working part time and was able to support herself working part time while I paid her $217 per week in child support.

Her only real reason to move was because she works there . That is all. I asked the judge for her to get her license in New Jersey and practice here. Her excuse was that it was too expensive to get her license which only would cost her $1,000.

With only that reason he should have not allowed her to move. All this time she was commuting working part time and still had enough to pay the bills.

I gave all the reasons to stay: I can be available for any help, I can be involved in school, after school programs, sports, just available. Also I pleaded with the judge because I work randomly as a carpet cleaner at times it is very difficult to go to New York. I need to pay tolls, gas, sit in traffic. My ex wife is very jealous and would get mad when at times I would go visit my 2 year old son in school. She would get jealous when I would take him swimming after school. She would call the police on me if I would be 15 minutes late after getting only 3 hours on Wednesdays.

Notice that I said I only had 3 hours, well this "caring" Judge D'Alessandro made it into 2.5 hours and he gave her the right to move to Brooklyn. My ex does nothing to help me with my visitation. Now I have to go to Brooklyn, She doesn't contribute anything with my expense, doesn't give me an extra half hour if I'm running late and also doesn't meet me halfway.

This case seemed like it would be any easy one to judge. It was obvious my ex was being vengeful and defiant of my requests to keep my child nearby only for his sake. And plus the location of Brooklyn is not the best choice to raise a child. I would have preferred it if she went to a better place and further as long as the environment was better. A divorce is already a very hurtful thing for a child to endure and why couldn't the judge see what she was doing in spite of me and not what is best for the child. Second, I only gotten on my feet a few years ago where I started my business up with no money to my name. I even had to borrow from my mother since I had no credit because of a bankruptcy . I showed all my tax papers that showed at times less than 12k net and all those things were ignored.

Because of Judge Daniel D'Allesandro's bias decision, I will not be able to be close to my child as i could have been. He also put my child in a worse environment. I am only a caring father and instead of him seeing my loving,caring attitude he very meanly denied me my son because of his bias. Perhaps he didn't like my upfront way of being when I spoke out and told him that I don't want my son to be affected more than he needs to be and there aren't good enough reason he was more concerned if I wrote a negative text to my ex.

Instead of seeing that I spend quality time with the very few hours that is given and also with a broken heart and stress because of what my ex does by using him as a pawn and the financial burden that i put upon me. If he could only see that I make my time special with my son while many fathers are nowhere to be found, I am teaching my son to swim, ride a bike,play ball, learn new languages and mostly I show him love. I could've saved myself attorney fees if I only knew how bias and unfair this Judge D'Alessandro is.

Audio 2 Commentary by John: This mother kidnaped this man's kid, he does not hear from her for weeks, he calls her a bad name and in response the Court sends him to anger management. A devious strategy that lawyers suggest: "take a parent's kid, do not respond to him for weeks to make him go paranoid about his kid, wait till he curses at you which is only natural, then take this 'evidence' to Court." Then, when she comes back and calls him stupid and incompetent, the Judge claims that she "testified credibly" that she did this in response to "all the things that he had said to her" !!!!

So according to this Judge, if someone kidnaps your kid, disappears without a trace for weeks, and you call him a bad name, you have to be sent to anger management and the other person is just excused and credible.

This case is about this kid's future and this Judge is spending half an hour discussing about texts sent between the parties.

From the time my case started which was filed in June 2014, it was then pushed to a date in October 2014 and in October he had me come in at 9am and everyone else and without informing anyone including my lawyers he just postponed the session to 1pm meanwhile my attorneys are charging me. This was very inconsiderate. When I returned my attorneys advised to me that it is better that we postpone the court date because it is the Judge's birthday and he wouldn't advise to go in front of the judge on his birthday! Then my lawyer advised that I go to a mediator to look in front of the judge which I did once before.

With this I thought he was going to favor me some. It was a complete waste of time because nothing good came from the mediation because my ex wouldn't budge for anything . Then my case went all the way to January 2015!

All just to reduce child support and most important not to have my son move because of his spiteful mother. After finally going to court and my ex making false accusations of not knowing where I live when originally when the motion came I was in the process of moving I still didn't have a location. She did worse when she took the baby without telling me where she lived.

I just found it very odd in the way this case was handled. I felt this case dragged on longer than it need to be. The case was moved to January 2015. The court room was so hot from the heat blasting it made it so uncomfortable just to talk. I felt like almost the entire time my ex's attorney was questioning me, my home, my character and defending the fact that Brooklyn isn't that far and Arlene has the right to move. Later they brought up some text of me that I wrote to her that when she got me angry from not answering the phone and not letting me speak. It was of me writing to her that she needs to stop dressing like a 70 year old and more like a 40 year old so she could get laid. The judge was asking if I said it and that I shouldn't talk this way and it's so disrespectful but he didn't see my point of view that I was being alienated. He ignored that I spend quality time with him.

So the thing is the court procedure was so slow and dragging I felt as if the Judge was falling asleep , like he was dying. Around 3pm while we were getting to our closing statements he then said "It's getting late and we will continue on another date" I couldn't believe it because I feel like when you have something fresh in your mind comparing to a month later , things get forgotten.

We were literally 15 minutes away from being done. The case moved to February 10,2015. I then had to wait anxiously for the judgement . I also felt like I presented a good case though I had a feeling that the Judge didn't like me.

It took more than 2.5 months to get the order. I found out on May 1st from my ex wife by text! The court didn't inform my lawyer and the lawyer didn't receive the order. I called my lawyer and they didn't know about it. They wouldn't even submit it to my lawyer where I had to go the courthouse and get it myself!The Order was filed on April 22 but wasn't given to my attorney until May 1st. I found it very strange but more very disrespectful, unprofessional and uncaring. If you call the court's up, they are so rude to help.

Audio 3 Commentary by John: It is unlikely that communication will ever improve Judge, if you do not allow both parents to have equal access to their kid. There will always be bitterness by the parent whose life you destroyed. A mother that wants to take away a kid from his father is a criminal and should be punished. Instead, you let her move to another state and you give the father 4 days per month with his kid. Do you really expect their relationship to ever improve?

The burden is not on the father to create a climate for communication as you say, it is upon you, the Judge, to make parenting and financials fair so that this couple can heal. Instead, you destroyed the father, you destroyed the kid by stealing away his dad, and now you throw the burden on the dad.

It is obvious here that the aggressor is the mother. She never claimed that this man beat or harassed her. She took the kid away and he became irate...that is normal behavior. That is why he is the plaintiff and came to you to protect his kid and you failed!

The court order in my opinion was very vague and also what really made me mad is that there is nothing to substantiate the orders. I didn't get a reason why my child can relocate from Brooklyn.I didn't get a valid reason why my child support isn't reduced though I showed my past tax history and my struggle in business.

Also the rules he made were not clear that is why to this day my ex still gives me problems. At times she don't answer the phone. Also the judge said for my weekends to be every 1st and 3rd weekend instead of just every other weekend. It makes things confusing and actually bias and unfair.Why this way where she gets him 2 weeks in a row and me nothing because sometimes I can't make it on Wednesdays due to work. Plus he made the time so difficult only 2.5 hours and right in the middle of rush hour in New York when before it was so easy and less expensive and now the time is very difficult because work interferes.

When it comes to telephone time it is very vague. The judge should know the situation that my ex dont talk to me at all, only in text and that is what I was arguing to order her to be more open to talk when it comes to our son. So that is why she doesn't answer the phone at times.

It said that father shall have flexible contact time. What does that actually mean? It isn't specific The problems I face now is that my ex is still mad and spiteful no matter how nice I try to be with her. I would always try to show my son kindness my saying "hello mommy" while she won't acknowledge me.

She now makes me meet her at the police station for no real reason. Even though the order says that the Mother meets me half way she does not. She makes things difficult and for a long period of time she never came to my residence.

On my Wednesdays the order is for me to go there and the judge took away a half hour,ordering for me to be on time when my ex moved at her will but she has no consequence to do anything to help. The judge states that there will be less traveling time though their argument was that it is only 10 minutes away. It is 15 miles away so why can't she drive halfway so my child can go to my home. Instead in Brooklyn there is nowhere to go but a pizza place or McDonalds. There is never parking available and the place is dirty as my son complains about it.

So instead of a comfortable environment, the judge without thinking orders this tough visitation for me. The thing is I never got an explanation for this unfair order. The judge didn't like me so he punishes me but as well as my son. Now I can't be there like I wanted to be. He took away me being there to teach him things, provide love that is crucial in early stages . He took time away from me because at times I work and can't be there. He rewarded a narcissist who continues to punish me with no sign of empathy. He took away me teaching and coaching my son baseball and doing things I dreamed of doing as a dad.

Please look at the many people that were victims to this judge and this abusive , bias system against fathers."

Audio Snippets from Judgment of Divorce

Audio 4 Commentary by John: So according to this Judge, the mother has absolutely no responsibility in creating a beneficial environment for the kid. It is all his fault. According to the Judge it is the father that is creating a hostile environment. Not the mother who took the kid away and arranged for struggling financial support.

Audio 5 Commentary by John:"The Court hopes that he will endeavor to make things better for his son..." how can he do that you incompetent Judge when you take his kid away to another State!?

Then you are saying there is no proof of parental alienation. This is an obvious parental alienation case. Anyone with half a brain of a monkey would understand this. In any case, putting any kind of barriers for a kid to readily see both of his parents is child abuse.